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Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh

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Founder of Uttar Pradesh and Bhukkad's Avenue and social media manager of Top businesses in Moradabad


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AboutStuti Agarwal


If you want to grow, never stop learning.. If you want to achieve something, stop making excuses. Challenges are a part of the game, if you won't accept it, you will not win it. My name is Stuti Agarwal and I am a founder of Uttar Pradesh and Bhukkad's Avenue. Also, I manage social media of various top clients of Moradabad. I got a certificate from U.S. Embassy for #Shevlogs, also I was called as a speaker in Hindustan Anokhi. I started my media channel from a very young age and started taking interviews with the dynamic personalities of my town. I was the first girl from my home town who started her own channel and the youngest female entrepreneur. Also as there was no food blog in my city so I started a food blog too which we planned many successful quiz campaigns. I always wanted to give a platform to the women who are really doing great but they are not able to grow, and womennovator helped me in achieving that. As I have started my journey from a small town which is now a smart city, I have some dreams, I have seen for my city, and as I grow young, I wish to fulfil it. Being a Banasthalite is a long journey and what I have learned is, to live and adjust in any condition, which is my strength. I missed out many opportunities in my life, but as I grew, I understood, I have a chance to create opportunities. My whole life is ahead of me, full of surprises and challenges and I am standing tall, facing it.


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