Shruti Dua

New Delhi

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I belong to small town Moradabad....i have completed Msc(Maths) from Dehradun after 12years of marriage i started my own company name STUDIOTRINETRA (redefining vision)


Studiotrinnetra (redefining vision)




"A STRONG WOMAN STANDS UP FOR HERSELF, A STRONGER WOMAN STANDS UP FOR EVERYONE ELSE." Being born in a small city is itself create boundary in which u have limited option for girls growth. As i am always creative and innovative so it can be easily seen in my daily routine work... But initially it was not easy to switch your passion into business but after 12 years of marriage i started my company STUDIO TRINETRA (redefining vision) ..I started with one or two products . but now we have developed thousands of products which are not available in market...we customised and personalised things according to customer choice...we are manufacturer and also open for resellers...thanks to Tripti and WOMENNOVATOR for this great business opportunity


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