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Sustainable Menstruation Options., Silicone, medically graded reusable hygienically safe, environment friendly, economically beneficial options,

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Menstrual Cup It is 100%silicon medically graded material. Cup shaped, which can be worn in vagina at the time of our periods. The menstrual fluid is directly collected in the cup. We can remove the cup wash it and wear it again. This one cup can be used for 8 to 10 yrs. No trash is created. i.e. it's ecofriendly, reusable and eco beneficial too. It is very soft, easy to use and comfortable also. Needs very less water to wash. No worries about which colour dress to be used as no worries about stains. We can do swimming, yoga, running, all our regular activities in our periods while using the menstrual cup. We can sterilize it and use it after each cycle. Carrying it is also easy, a cotton pouch is there which can b kept in our purse which helps us to b with us whenever needed. Just tap water is also ok to wash it. No soap or no lubricant needed. Sanitary napkins are basically plastic material and flooded with lots of chemicals in it. Many problems like rashes, itching can be seen. Staining problem too. Normally 12to 15 pads are used in a month by one woman, for year it may be approximately 150, in approximate 40 years of menstruation period the count may go on ~6000/ woman. Think of lakhs of menstruating women. Plastic made sanitary napkins, when will they get decomposed we never know. So.....

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