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Herbal Roll On for Protection from Mosquitoes, We provide 5 ml and 10 ml roll on bottles at 45 and 65 rupees to womens in bulk quantity of 10 each, , both have Mrp of 79 and 99 on it.

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Armour Fabric Roll-On is a new personal Protection, which protects us from mosquito bite. It A 100% natural product consist Pure citronella and eucalyptus oil. By applying 8 coin-sized dots on your clothes, you can stay protected for up to 8 hours. This product if bought in Combo of 4 pieces each of 5 ml can be provided at 150 for 4 pieces. Few Essential Things to be Known about Armour Roll-On: 1 Each bottle of Armour Fabric Roll-On consists of pure Citronella (Natural mosquito repellent) and Eucalyptus Oil. 2 Anti-bacterial & Anti-Fungal. It has been used to cures skin problems. 3 As an antimicrobial, citronella essential oil (CEO) has been shown to be inhibitory for about 50% strains of bacteria and fungi. Also Act as Disinfectant. 4. Armour fabric roll-on has natural aroma perfume fragrance. No additional flavours are being added. 5. Apply 6-coin size dots. 6. 8 hours protection.

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