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Laurie Bricks

Laurie Bricks are a set of perfectly handmade 1:5 scale terracotta bricks inviting people of all ages to play! Packaged in a brick-sized box, the gross (144 or a dozen/ dozen) of bricks, comes with a small trowel for bonding them using a desi mortar called ‘ Lai ’ . Made with wheat, ‘ Lai ’ is a natural Indian glue that can be broken down by soaking the bricks in water, making the set reusable. Include this delightful miniature example of ‘slow architecture’ in your collection of table-top wonders and lead a creatively fulfilling life!

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We - Talk

March 03, 2020

The basic agenda of We-talks is to outspread the success stories of women entrepreneurs and global business alliances for women, creating a brand image through public relations, social media reach and promotions, majorly focusing on the growth strategy, market linkages

We - Pitch

Feb 20, 2020

A job is a regular activity performed in exchange becoming an employee ,volunteering

We - International Tour

Jan 25, 2020

To provide assistance in web designing, administration and social media campaign for college with W- Cell.

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